Sharing good ideas @ Campus Party Valencia

"Digital Activists" united for a good cause

Few weeks ago I had this great experience of being invited to #CPValencia to talk about  a topic which fulfills my heart, i.e. the “Digital Activism”! Everybody is quite obsessed by social media recently….most of the time we discuss how to produce the maximum marketing benefit … but social media is much more than that! We have this tremendous “social tool” and we can reach people beyond geographical and mental barriers, we can interact and collect the contribution of a lot of tiny sand-grains and build together a big nice “sand-Castle”. I shared my experience and my thoughts with non-profit events  and fundrising together with some very cool “digital activists” ( Esteban Rodrigo, Paola Villa, Miguel NonayMariolaCorega) , each of them detailing their outstanding projects and their nice ideas.

In particular, we tried to answer 4 main questions, interacting with our audience:

  1. What does activism mean to you?
  2. Which “digital tools” do you use ?
  3. How do you land to the real world from the “cloud”?
  4. Some example of pragmatic actions as a result of your “digital fight”?

To answer all this it took little bit more than an hour but the main idea is that you don’t need any “special powers” to participate in something BIG , you just need to start somewhere, interact with people to get involved and think positive.

You can follow the entire discussion in the streaming of Eventosfera ; I am extremely thankful to all the crew of “eventosferos” for inviting me and for organizing such an outstanding symposium dedicated to the Social Media area and “digital” Creativity.

My Campus Party "badge" : a tribute to Eventosfera!

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