Twitter, the Google of big ideas

Alessandro Bernardi, alias Bernardamus, was Co-organizer of the local Twestival Barcelona, is founder of Encounter Twitter Culture (Europe) and writes for BCNWeek about (Cyber)-Culture, Technology and Life in Barcelona. Twitter Festival is organized by volunteers and took place in March in 202 cities all over the world and is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative to date, raising over $1.2 million within 14 months for 137 nonprofits. With this background Alessandro will speak about Twitter as an social catalyzer and its dynamic and potential for such cultural grassroot movements as well as online and viral marketing. We are looking forward to an interesting discussion about the different ways you can use this fascinating tool”  (kindly copy-pasted from

WebBar is a cool monthly event dedicated to Webworkers and Internet Professionals…..and it’s also a cool occasion to chill a bit with a beer and some new friends, let’s be honest!

Last Monday I was invited by the organizers of WebBar Barcelona to give a talk and I would like to share the slides with all of you. If you want the audio…well you have to book me for a beer and we can meet “offline” in a bar 😀 .

The talk deals with the potential of social networks (especially Twitter) in promoting cool social causes, with reference to some of the projects I am involved with.

I hope you enjoy it!

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