Love Will Tweet Us Apart

Ian Curtis (by Voxel-Ux)

Ian Curtis

This is not just another review on Joy Division , this is my personal tribute to a human being, to his pain and his creativity. As you might well know I am an unconditional U2‘s fan and this converts me into an unconditional fan of Joy Division too! Do you have any doubt? Listen to the intro of Isolation, don’t you find a strong reminiscence of  the line bass of Vertigo by U2!!??

Exactly 30 years ago Ian Curtis put a full stop mark to his life and he left us in inheritance an emotional masterpiece song, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. The song spreads echoes of embarrassment since it’s the personal defenitive desperation of  a 23-years old guy and at the same time it’s a universal cry expressing generations of people unhappy with their love stories and with their lives. Love of Lesbian would say “Una mirada universal, de alcanze personal”…and yes … “I am a Fan of John Boy”…ops ..of Ian Curtis!

Routine still bites hard, right? What about ambitions? Low? Will emotions grow?

30 years ago Ian Curtis expressed his frustration with this deep baritone voice trapped in the body of a boy, how would he confess his pain nowadays? Would he send some toxic tweets instead? In 2010 would he meet with us in the twittersphere, late at night, sharing our existential doubts? It’s such  a pity not being able to see him live in 2010, anyhow… that would be so much better!

Love Will Tweet Us Apart!

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