Bernardamus exists

Yeah , I admit I have been faraway from here for a while, I don’t know yet what I am going to post in my blog, it’s not going to be gossips about my life because probably it would be too boring.

It looks like this blog was a “ghost blog” for weeks… it looked like this picture above, an empty room with nobody working,….but check it out…. BERNARDAMUS is still there , even when it seems he does not exist! 😀

Anyhow I have to credit this brilliant web page which made the “appearance” of Bernardamus possible… you can play with that yourself, the concept is dead simple, but I still feel dizzy a bit.

You send a message via web browser, your message start flashing on the display in the room, while a webcam grab what’s going on in the office, at the same time a feed is sent to Twitter…. The idea is simple, funny & brilliant… a symbolic condensation of a postmodern cyber-society.

Have Fun!

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