Blogging…. or not Blogging?


When it comes to starting a blog….I think we all procrastinate quite a while…. I have to thank my dear friend @dejacopis for finding the picture that summarize PERFECTLY my blogging anxiety….and I share it with you!

The ultimate BLOGGER'S anxiety (via

For weeks I put out a poll… to ask my dear virtual readers…what YOU want to read in my blog….just to overcome my anxiety. I will always have FEW readers (i.e. quality readers…) but I am trying not to SAY TOO MUCH (i.e. I hope not to flood your Google Reader) , even if actually I beLIEve I have QUITE A LOT TO SAY!  😀

It might have looked like a lack of inspiration, … but the point is … I would like to share something which is not just some narcissistic puking to the cyberworld. You might say that readers will decide anyhow if the content is good or not…and I should not care, but still it feels like …lack of communication!

I find out the the standard structure of blogs is VERY self-centric…. readers are eventually left a tiny minor space for few comments….honestly I would love to express myself in a post and then leave some open questions, it would be interesting to have a REAL discussion….rather than a hierarchic POST + COMMENTS…. in my forum  for SEXUAL DEMOCRACY I really needed a DEMOCRATIC structure for discussions, so at the moment I am based on Facebook groups…if you have better alternatives…I am happy to know!  Unfortunately WordPress have a nice free blog template with limited freedom to adjust the structure…so, for the time being…I have to surrender to the traditional blogging!

But please feel free to comment openly and give me suggestions….also for future topics and nice Toxic Pills!

2 thoughts on “Blogging…. or not Blogging?

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