Sharing good ideas @ Campus Party Valencia

"Digital Activists" united for a good cause

Few weeks ago I had this great experience of being invited to #CPValencia to talk about  a topic which fulfills my heart, i.e. the “Digital Activism”! Everybody is quite obsessed by social media recently….most of the time we discuss how to produce the maximum marketing benefit … but social media is much more than that! We have this tremendous “social tool” and we can reach people beyond geographical and mental barriers, we can interact and collect the contribution of a lot of tiny sand-grains and build together a big nice “sand-Castle”. I shared my experience and my thoughts with non-profit events  and fundrising together with some very cool “digital activists” ( Esteban Rodrigo, Paola Villa, Miguel NonayMariolaCorega) , each of them detailing their outstanding projects and their nice ideas.

In particular, we tried to answer 4 main questions, interacting with our audience:

  1. What does activism mean to you?
  2. Which “digital tools” do you use ?
  3. How do you land to the real world from the “cloud”?
  4. Some example of pragmatic actions as a result of your “digital fight”?

To answer all this it took little bit more than an hour but the main idea is that you don’t need any “special powers” to participate in something BIG , you just need to start somewhere, interact with people to get involved and think positive.

You can follow the entire discussion in the streaming of Eventosfera ; I am extremely thankful to all the crew of “eventosferos” for inviting me and for organizing such an outstanding symposium dedicated to the Social Media area and “digital” Creativity.

My Campus Party "badge" : a tribute to Eventosfera!

Bernardamus @ Campus Party : Social Activism via Social Networks

I am proud to announce that I have been invited to contribute to the Campus Party conference. I will introduce the audience to Twestival and my newborn project ETC Europe devoted to art/music/culture-promotion via twitter. I will share my thoughts about the impact of social media in social movements and communication.

The details of the program of this great session organized by Evetosfera can be found here.

Twitter, the Google of big ideas

Alessandro Bernardi, alias Bernardamus, was Co-organizer of the local Twestival Barcelona, is founder of Encounter Twitter Culture (Europe) and writes for BCNWeek about (Cyber)-Culture, Technology and Life in Barcelona. Twitter Festival is organized by volunteers and took place in March in 202 cities all over the world and is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative to date, raising over $1.2 million within 14 months for 137 nonprofits. With this background Alessandro will speak about Twitter as an social catalyzer and its dynamic and potential for such cultural grassroot movements as well as online and viral marketing. We are looking forward to an interesting discussion about the different ways you can use this fascinating tool”  (kindly copy-pasted from

WebBar is a cool monthly event dedicated to Webworkers and Internet Professionals…..and it’s also a cool occasion to chill a bit with a beer and some new friends, let’s be honest!

Last Monday I was invited by the organizers of WebBar Barcelona to give a talk and I would like to share the slides with all of you. If you want the audio…well you have to book me for a beer and we can meet “offline” in a bar 😀 .

The talk deals with the potential of social networks (especially Twitter) in promoting cool social causes, with reference to some of the projects I am involved with.

I hope you enjoy it!

Love Will Tweet Us Apart

Ian Curtis (by Voxel-Ux)

Ian Curtis

This is not just another review on Joy Division , this is my personal tribute to a human being, to his pain and his creativity. As you might well know I am an unconditional U2‘s fan and this converts me into an unconditional fan of Joy Division too! Do you have any doubt? Listen to the intro of Isolation, don’t you find a strong reminiscence of  the line bass of Vertigo by U2!!??

Exactly 30 years ago Ian Curtis put a full stop mark to his life and he left us in inheritance an emotional masterpiece song, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. The song spreads echoes of embarrassment since it’s the personal defenitive desperation of  a 23-years old guy and at the same time it’s a universal cry expressing generations of people unhappy with their love stories and with their lives. Love of Lesbian would say “Una mirada universal, de alcanze personal”…and yes … “I am a Fan of John Boy”…ops ..of Ian Curtis!

Routine still bites hard, right? What about ambitions? Low? Will emotions grow?

30 years ago Ian Curtis expressed his frustration with this deep baritone voice trapped in the body of a boy, how would he confess his pain nowadays? Would he send some toxic tweets instead? In 2010 would he meet with us in the twittersphere, late at night, sharing our existential doubts? It’s such  a pity not being able to see him live in 2010, anyhow… that would be so much better!

Love Will Tweet Us Apart!

Good Charity, Bad Charity, Discounted Charity, …

One of the best experiences in my life was involving myself in a Charity. This is the second edition of Twestival Barcelona. I won’t tell you all the details about this fantastic project because I prefer that you click on the link and you figure it out alone a bit…. 😀

In few words it’s just “normal” people like me volunteering to organize a huge global event for a good cause, it’s just a message you spread via Twitter and it reaches spontaneously hundreds of cities around the globe. The target is collecting money for the NGO “Concern Worldwide” for a project on “education” for poorest country. In practical terms it’s just a very cool party with some live music and some nice surprises, but beyond that, for one night people stop giving money to the owner of some disco or to some professionals organizing the event and for a change they send their money directly to the fundraising. Yeah…it’s not billions of euros I know, but apart from money, it’s about delivering to people a message, let’s say it’s a utopy. For one night, they are allowed to have fun with the idea they are participating in something good.

When you do Charity people are hyper-suspicious by default! Bono Vox can try to launch some very good campaign and everybody will complain he is using charity just as a marketing “tool”. If I were Bono (I wish!), I would probably do charity “underground” and I think that’s the way he does actually! It’s not Bono claiming to adopt several african kids and stories like that… I think “Bad Charity” is the “Branjolina”-phenomenon!

I think Bono takes advantage of the fact that he is a show-man with huge skills to address massive crowds at an emotional level, as a singer or as a cause-leader, he uses his “image” and his “skills” for a good cause, he will not tell you how many kids he might have adopted or how many billions euros he might have donated….that’s his personal dimension as an individual, it’s not the Rock-star !

Of course I am not a celebrity like Bono :D, so for me it’s much easier to do my little charity stuff and I don’t even need to do it “underground”. Still some of my acquaintances believe I am making money out of that, for them it’s totally unacceptable that I am volunteering for the second year, so they conclude I must be cheating on them! It’s such a nice feeling! Anyhow I think it’s an excellent occasion for learning something new (which I recommend to everybody!), meeting nice people happy to help, networking with several cities around the world involved in the project, doing some exciting creative work building up the event and building up also some useful connections and PR opportunities.

Sometimes I am disappointed to see people so consumerist… for crowds it’s just about buying a ticket and getting some drinks, people are so used to this pattern that they don’t even consider the chance that this event might be driven by some different human energy. Then, I am not surprised if I am asked to get a “discounted ticket” to get in or , worse, a VIP guest list…  I know that you cannot oblige people to donate his money, but come on they are up to waste 10 euros in a mojito and they are bothered paying 5 euros for a GOOD cause (100% non-profit), including live acts and even a free glass of wine? Sorry, it’s ridiculous! I might sympathize for RyanAir low-cost opportunities, but I CANNOT stand  “low-cost” charity!

Anyhow all the bitter is washed away by a majority of enthusiastic people coming to have fun to be part of a big night and helping to make it happen!

Bernardamus exists

Yeah , I admit I have been faraway from here for a while, I don’t know yet what I am going to post in my blog, it’s not going to be gossips about my life because probably it would be too boring.

It looks like this blog was a “ghost blog” for weeks… it looked like this picture above, an empty room with nobody working,….but check it out…. BERNARDAMUS is still there , even when it seems he does not exist! 😀

Anyhow I have to credit this brilliant web page which made the “appearance” of Bernardamus possible… you can play with that yourself, the concept is dead simple, but I still feel dizzy a bit.

You send a message via web browser, your message start flashing on the display in the room, while a webcam grab what’s going on in the office, at the same time a feed is sent to Twitter…. The idea is simple, funny & brilliant… a symbolic condensation of a postmodern cyber-society.

Have Fun!

Blogging…. or not Blogging?


When it comes to starting a blog….I think we all procrastinate quite a while…. I have to thank my dear friend @dejacopis for finding the picture that summarize PERFECTLY my blogging anxiety….and I share it with you!

The ultimate BLOGGER'S anxiety (via

For weeks I put out a poll… to ask my dear virtual readers…what YOU want to read in my blog….just to overcome my anxiety. I will always have FEW readers (i.e. quality readers…) but I am trying not to SAY TOO MUCH (i.e. I hope not to flood your Google Reader) , even if actually I beLIEve I have QUITE A LOT TO SAY!  😀

It might have looked like a lack of inspiration, … but the point is … I would like to share something which is not just some narcissistic puking to the cyberworld. You might say that readers will decide anyhow if the content is good or not…and I should not care, but still it feels like …lack of communication!

I find out the the standard structure of blogs is VERY self-centric…. readers are eventually left a tiny minor space for few comments….honestly I would love to express myself in a post and then leave some open questions, it would be interesting to have a REAL discussion….rather than a hierarchic POST + COMMENTS…. in my forum  for SEXUAL DEMOCRACY I really needed a DEMOCRATIC structure for discussions, so at the moment I am based on Facebook groups…if you have better alternatives…I am happy to know!  Unfortunately WordPress have a nice free blog template with limited freedom to adjust the structure…so, for the time being…I have to surrender to the traditional blogging!

But please feel free to comment openly and give me suggestions….also for future topics and nice Toxic Pills!